How To Convert Your Estimate Into A Sale

Providing a project quote alone is never enough to obtain a sale. Subtle factors play a huge role in earning the homeowner’s business and closing the sale. These factors include good communication, credibility, providing a timeline, having a guarantee, and offering a professional estimate. Here at Estimate Fox, we know how important it is to have a high conversion rate so we have put together a list of tips based on trends we have seen.

1) Timely communication

Sales are closed when customers put their trust in you to complete what they are needing. The most important factor in building trust is good communication. Good communication includes prompt email responses and using systems such as virtual assistants who can answer the phone-even if you can’t. Quick responses show that you personally care about the homeowner’s situation and it increases the likelihood of closing the sale.

2) Show Credibility

Competition between contractors is fierce in most places around the country so contractors need to set themselves apart from others. Showing BBB Accreditation and other industry certifications are great ways to show you know what you are doing. In addition, testimonials are extremely important and should be placed on your website and on the marketing materials that are left and the customer’s home. Business review sites should also be maintained and each comment responded to with a personalized response.

3) Have a timeline

Some homeowners will inevitably want the work “done yesterday”. An easy way to close the sale when encountering this by offering the timeline in writing. It is fairly common for general contractors to provide due dates on reaching the next milestone for the project and even what payments will need to be collected along the way.

4) Offer a guarantee

Providing a guarantee on your workmanship is a great way to build trust and can set you apart from other contractors. Homeowners appreciate the assurance that their project will be completed correctly.

5) Make your estimate professional

Having a professional estimate will leave a good impression in the customer’s mind. Handwritten estimates are not professional and rarely include enough information to be accepted by insurance companies. Estimating software can be expensive but Estimate Fox can write a professional estimate using your letterhead and even handle all the insurance follow-up for you. You provide the photos, job summary, and dimensions and Estimate Fox will handle the rest.

Estimate Fox provides estimating and insurance services to residential roofers and general contractors and we are here to serve you. Feel free to reach out to us anytime by calling (855) 934-0065 or emailing us at customerservice@estimatefox.com.