Benefits of Outsourcing Estimating and Insurance Billing

1. Focus On What You Do Best

Outsourcing routine, yet important, activities such as writing estimates in Xactimate® or doing the insurance followup can allow you to focus on the core activities that you are specialized in. In other words, instead of having your estimators or project managers sitting on hold for hours a day with insurance companies, they can be free to focus on sales and scheduling jobs. It is also important to have an experienced estimator who knows how to present items to the insurance company in a way they will understand and accept. An inexperienced estimator will cost the business lost revenue that it otherwise should be earning.

2. Saves Money

Both Xactimate® and insurance handling are unique skill traits that are usually cheaper for contractors to outsource than compete with the same talent being shared with insurance companies. Insurance companies have relatively high pay and excellent benefits that are out of reach for many general contractors and roofers. In addition, estimating software can run hundreds of dollars a month per person. By using an estimating and insurance billing service like Estimate Fox, contractors are able to use shared estimators, shared insurance specialists, and will have no estimating software fees resulting in a cheaper cost for the same service.

3. Allows for Staffing Flexibility

For most of the country, the spring and summer are the busiest for insurance work. Hail storms, wind damage, hurricanes, and lightning damage are very seasonal and can quickly overwhelm a contractor. Outsourcing the estimating and insurance billing will allow extra capacity to focus on capturing new sales and provide excellent service under a heavy workload during these times. Companies such as Estimate Fox can help relieve the stress during high insurance volume times. The revenue from increased project capacity will far outweigh the costs associated with an outsourcing service.

4. Outsourcing Provides Continuity

One of the best benefits of outsourcing is that contractors will not have to worry about employee turnover, vacations, or medical leave. Outsourcing provides a continuous capacity increase that can be tapped into when needed.

Estimate Fox assists contractors with estimate writing and insurance billing. Estimate Fox is BBB accredited, has a portal with 24/7 access to submit new projects and check the status of existing ones, has no memberships or monthly fees, and can help you increase profitability and capacity. Create your free account at today!