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4 Tips to Protect Workers from Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected construction businesses in unprecedented ways. Concerns such as cash flow, state guidelines, and safety of employees are top of mind. We compiled 4 quick tips to assist you during this time:

1. Maintain Your Distance

While working, it is important and effective to maintain social distancing guidelines of 6 feet between people. Many homeowners will be appreciative if they understand why you are also keeping your distance from them. Other considerations should be made to rotate breaks and lunches to reduce large gatherings of workers as much as possible.

2. Watch Chokepoints

There are areas where workers tend to be concentrated in such as hallways, storage sites, and break areas. In areas where many are gathered, workers should use gloves, masks, and other protective equipment as much as possible to prevent the spread. 3. Remember to Disinfect Dedicate someone on each job site to make sure high-touch areas are being disinfected throughout the day. Special considerations should be made to have tools disinfected with sanitizing wipes or disinfectant spray after each use. It may be beneficial to designate someone in charge of disinfecting items on each job site.

4. Hold Virtual Meetings

Increase employee contact phone calls and video chats so that the team stays informed on best practices and safety. Workers will appreciate the updates and flexibility that many free virtual meeting apps can provide.

Your partners at appreciate the hard work our contractors are doing and the risks taken on a daily basis. We are fully operation during this time and stand ready to serve you as your project loads increase.