Why Your Business Should Work With Estimate Fox

Serving Roofing Companies And Residential Contractors

Estimate Fox exists to make the work of roofing companies and residential contractors easier by creating incredible estimates through Xactimate® software and taking care of all insurance billing. This saves you money by streamlining and perfecting these processes, and saves you time managing two important, intensive aspects of your businesses.

An image of a contractor shaking hands with an Estimate Fox staff member.

With Estimate Fox You Can Expect:

  • Increased Bandwidth of Your Project Managers

  • Improved Turnaround Time For Projects

  • High-Quality Roofing And Construction Estimates

  • Unlimited Estimate Revisions

  • Fair, Affordable Payments

  • Reliable, Effective Outsourcing

  • No Hidden Fees


A Logical Evolution For Contractors And Roofers

Think about it — would you be more effective at the providing the services you offer if you had more time to focus on them? Definitely! And that’s exactly what Estimate Fox is here to offer you.

Between managing the estimates required to start a job to navigating insurance communications, you have to share your focus between the work you excel at providing and the logistics of your industry. While this is doable, you can do so much more when you can primarily focus on your craft.

However, this doesn’t mean you lose control. We work with your company to ensure that the estimate and communication services we provide are congruent with your business’ services, brand, and tone. This results in a perfect partnership that boosts your productivity and the overall quality of your services.

It’s not that your current services are missing the mark, but instead that with Estimate Fox you can surpass your competitors, increase efficiency, and spend more time providing your services to the best of your ability and giving your customers the individualized attention they deserve.


What It’s Like Working With Estimate Fox

So we’ve said that we take care of the insurance service and estimate service needs of residential contractors and roofing companies, but what does that look like and how does it work?

All in all, we’ve made the process of working with us as streamlined as the services we provide! We charge a 2% fee, or a $150 minimum charge, for the services we provide. This doesn’t change, and there are no sign up fees or additional charges of any sort — no one has time for that!

Once we’re working together you’ll continue with business as usual, at least until you need to produce an estimate for a client. At that point, you’ll send us an estimate request, and we’ll get started by creating an incredibly-detailed, high-tech estimate through Xactimate®. This is the industry-standard software that provides insanely-detailed and reliable estimates.

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We do our due diligence to ensure the estimate is done as perfectly and thoroughly as possible. We include all potential charges associated with your project to streamline the estimate process and ensure no discrepancies over charges in the future. And we do this by effectively communicating with you to understand the project and the variables that need to be included in the estimate. What’s more, we provide free revisions and updates to your estimates because the end-goal is to provide the best possible estimate for you and your clients.


You Submit An Estimate Request


We Create A Detailed, Thorough Estimate In Xactimate®


After Any Revisions Or Edits, We Begin Communication With The Customer’s Insurance


We Handle All Insurance Communication Throughout The Project

Once the estimate we craft is approved by you we get in contact with the client’s insurance company. We don’t stop there, though. In addition to contacting the insurance company and providing them with the official estimate, we also take care of all communication moving forward. This removes the back and forth communications with insurance companies from you and your team so you can focus on the day-to-day services you provide.


It’s as simple as that! With Estimate Fox, your roofing company or residential contracting business can focus on the services you provide and rest assured that you’re always providing your customers with expert estimates, communications, and services.

To learn more about working with Estimate Fox or get started, contact us via the form below.