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Estimate Fox Is Revolutionizing Insurance Estimates

When you’re a residential contractor, between gaining new jobs, executing your skills, and maintaining client relationships, you have enough on your hands! This can make managing insurance estimates a pain, especially when you don’t have a professional insurance estimate software or a team of professionals to manage the insurance estimates and insurance billing for your contracting company.

The good news is that with Estimate Fox, you can add both — unmatched insurance estimate software and a dedicated team of experts — so your business can operate more efficiently and effectively.


Estimate Fox can help improve efficiency and effectiveness by...

  • Creating highly-detailed and accurate estimates through Xactimate®

  • Completely handling estimate creation

  • Completely handling insurance billing

  • Providing excellent customer service

  • Improving the quality of your estimates

  • And so much more!

Benefits of Working With Estimate Fox

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Save Money

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Free Up Your Bandwidth

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Improve The Quality of Your Estimates

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Outsource Insurance Billing

Xactimate® Elevates Your Estimates

When it comes to creating estimates, the Xactimate® software is the trusted industry standard for contractors. This is because the insurance estimate software creates detailed, high-fidelity estimates that are clear and easy to navigate, which streamlines the process and even helps streamline the process.

But, the best part is that when you work with Estimate Fox, you don’t need to shell out money to train or hire people to use the software, nor do you have to take your staff away from the contracting work you do best to make estimates and deal with insurance — we do all of that!

We’re experts in creating insurance estimates and working with insurance companies for contracting work. Our years of experience, superior software, and unmatched customer service ensure that you get the best results, every time. Plus, we work closely with you to ensure every base is covered before sending in an estimate.

And, we make payment fair and easy. Charging either a $150 minimum or a 2% fee, Estimate Fox doesn’t hit you with hidden fees or change contracts after you’ve signed up. Our prices stay fair and consistent so we can make it easy and affordable for you to get the partners you need.


Estimate Fox makes estimates and insurance billing simple for contractors. We understand the value of quality and efficiency working in tandem, and we love getting the opportunity to help contractors streamline their work and improve their overall efficiency throughout the contracting process.

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How Our Services Work

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